IoT Block Diagram

Now Wireless has for the past 10 years been operating a network of devices which are polled by our SNMP server. This server also responds to devices making contact independently. With our database configuration tools for devices and with this large scale device manager we can manage an unlimited number of devices.

A version of our server operates as a  satellite  IoT controller that can poll or respond to device in a second by second basis for locally connected clusters. The satellite server then interacts with the main server.

Some devices are not complex enough to support SNMP and NOW has now added a secondary protocol which allows for simpler devices to communicate with our database engine as well as supporting independent  and mobile phone protocols.

Bluetooth, ZigBee, Sigfox, SMS, MMS, LoRa interfaces are all connected via Gateway interfaces, their connection is tunnelled across the Mesh4G network to a series of VM ( Virtual Machines)which deal with the different devices on the network. We are reviewing a solution for Weightless, because of the wider solutions available for this protocol

Device activity can trigger an action based on their input these actions follow in two ways one is to activate another IoT device the second is to use NOW mobile division communications platform to deliver these actions in the mobile phone space.

The NOW IoT server can be installed in Cloud space or in dedicated locations as required.