Directional QCMR Intelligent Antenna 18 dBi

  • Point to Multi-Point Operation Option £125
  • Dual polarised Antenna with beamwidth 16/22º
  • Range up to 6km
  • Throughput 200 Mbps Max
  • Full mChannel support
  • Power supply passive PoE 12V or 24V

The IA72 is one of a range of Intelligent Dual Polarised Antennas that connect different sites together, capable of operating at speeds of up to 200Mbps and at a range of 6km. With a 18dBi antenna, and a sophisticated intelligence this unit is shipped with a matched pair. Additional antennas can be added to provide point to multipoint operation.

The IA72 Intelligent Antenna is supplied as a pair of preconfigured radios with a secure encrypted link between them. When attached to a VMAe or VMAi meshing controller they can provide a resilient connection for communications.

The radio is capable of operating in the 4.9Ghz, 5.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz and 5.9GHz frequencies. It supports the military QCMR streaming radio protocol that makes it invisible to the 802.11 devices. Use of channel management and power management are an integral part of the design.