Mesh4G™-Enabled Applications

  • Chemical, Bio, Nuclear Detection and Monitoring
  • Traffic Observation, Detection and Management
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Portable and Mobile Site Monitors
  • Security and Video Monitoring Systems


Mesh4G™ MeshConnex™ software leverages the features and benefits of  Enabled Architecture (MEA™) technology and brings them to industry standard 802.xx radio platforms. It can support the scalability, data rates and mobility of the most demanding sensor networks, while offering low latency and self-forming, self-healing routing.

Mesh4G™ based sensor networks integrate devices that measure changes in physical conditions (such as temperature) or in chemical condition (such as concentration).

Typical Defining Characteristics of a Sensor Network

  • Made up of hundreds or thousands small autonomous nodes
  • Use wireless technology to communicate
  • Require low data rates, from a few bps to a few Kbps
  • Subject to energy/power constraints (i.e. battery operated)
  • Interfaced into control or monitoring systems
  • Necessitate low latency and survivable communications

Recently, the concepts of high data rate (i.e. imaging or video sensors) and even mobile sensor nets are being discussed and trialed. Fortunately, ad-hoc networking (meshing) in general, and Mesh4G™ technology in particular, can greatly enhance the performance, lower energy requirements, and improve survivability of sensor nets.