Cost Effective

Deploying CCTV cameras over a Mesh 4G network allows significant savings compared with the classic approach. Instead of having to provide a costly back-haul for each deployed camera, Mesh 4G allows you to deploy hundreds of cameras for just the price of the camera.

All Cameras Supported

Mesh 4G supports the vast majority of IP based cameras on its network. Cameras can be connected to any end-point required be it an on-street processing platform, a control room or cloud based service provider.


Video Analytics & ANPR

Mesh 4G allows for advanced video analytics and ANPR using distributed on-street processors, central servers or cloud services giving a local authority the maximum use of their connected camera network.

Artificial Intelligence

When paired with AI products from Xan Labs, local authorities and government can utilise state of the art video analysis, such as identifying which direction a car travels at a junction or even the colour of a pedestrians jacket.

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