Reduce Revenue Costs

Mesh 4G makes the creation of smart cities easy and economical, it achieves this by sharing expensive back-haul circuits to be shared with several traffic lights and other on street equipment, thus reducing ongoing revenue costs by over 80%.


Smart City Infrastructure

Once installed the Mesh 4G network can also provide communications to a huge variety of Smart City devices such as pollution monitors and VMS signs, without the need to add more expensive back-hauls.



The high bandwidth and speed of a Mesh 4G network allows deployment of CCTV cameras across the network, without the need for expensive CCTV back-hauls with the cameras routed through the Mesh.


No Size Restrictions

The Mesh 4G network can be expanded infinitely due to its managed design and flexibility making it a long term solution for smart city and traffic deployments.


Tried and Tested

Mesh 4G has been deployed in over 40 towns and cities across the United Kingdom, with over 8,000 installed nodes and 20,000 connected devices.


Managed Network

The Mesh 4G network is monitored and administrated by Now Wireless to ensure consistent up-time and provide solutions to any issues that arise in a timely and effective manor.


Heavily Encrypted

Mesh 4G networks are encrypted with AES 128/256 to ensure that no data can be illicitly accessed. Each pair of Mesh 4G radios have their own secret key, meaning that no other radio can intercept data being transmitted between them.


Multiple Channels

Mesh 4G uses multiple channel hopping to ensure consistent service, should any interference or interruption be detected they immediately switch to a clear channel keeping the link active.


Redundant Backhauls

Mesh 4G utilises multiple redundant backhauls, meaning even in the event of a severe backhaul outage data can always be routed through the Mesh to a secondary or tertiary backhaul.


Mesh Saves Money

By connecting devices together wireless Mesh 4G saves you yearly revenue in expensive ADSL/VDSL connections allowing several Traffic Lights to share a single backhaul.