SMS-SME NowSMS Server Modem Edition


SMS-SME NowSMS Server Modem Edition


The Now SMS & MMS Gateway server is a powerful multi-protocol content delivery solution for SMS and MMS messaging.

Installed on an Intel Xenon powered server, with redundancy options available.

  • Multi-protocol SMS & MMS Message Switch

  • Mobile Operator MMSC

  • High Performance SMS Gateway

  • High Performance MMS Gateway

  • 2-way SMS & MMS Application Enabler

  • SMS & MMS Gateway for GSM Modems

  • Intel Xeon powered server

NowSMS Modem Edition: This edition is designed for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages via multiple GSM modems or Android phones only. All developer APIs, including SMPP, HTTP, SMTP, and MM7 are supported for client connections only.

Supported Modems:
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